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Symposium on Using Hyperspectral Technology for Mineral Exploration Held in Tianjin
Update time: 2011/01/13
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The first symposium on using hyperspectral technology for mineral exploration was held in Tianjin, on December10-12, 2010.

This symposium,organized by IRSA, the Associate on Environment Remote Sensing of China, and Remote Sensing Committee of Geological Society of China, gathered some 60 delegates from China Geological Survey and other geology- related departments, institutes, and companies.

Several topics were covered at this symposium, including using hyperspectral technology for core analysis, mineral identification, and simulation, as well as the usage of portable near infrared spectrometer for mineral analysis and hyperspectral imager.

The Spectral Geologist (TSG) --- a commercialized industry standard tool for geological spectral analysis was first introduced to China on this symposium. This tool focused on analyzing spectral reflectance data of minerals, rocks and soils, including drill cores and chips.

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