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Recruitment Notice from Institute of Remote Sensing Applications of Chinese Academy of Sciences / State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science
Update time: 2011/08/31
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Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences, established in 1979, is a national and open research institution in the field of basic theory and integrated application of remote sensing science and technology. Relying on Institute of Remote Sensing Applications, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Normal University, the State Key Laboratory of Remote Sensing Science is founded and has become a leading and internationally renowned remote sensing science laboratory. Based on the platform, professor Cao Chunxiang has done much excellent research in the field of quantitative remote sensing as well as environmental health remote sensing diagnosis. In order to meet the research needs, one new researcherin China or abroad is now recruited with priority to those getting doctor's degree abroad. The detailed information is as follows:

1.   Qualifications of Candidate

1)   With an academic background, research experience or professional skills in the field of quantitative remote sensing;

2)   With doctorate or even post-doctoral;

3)   Published at least 3 SCI indexed papers internationally as the first author;

4)   With a high level of English skills in communication and writing;

5)   Has a good team spirit.

Successful candidate will have a registered permanent residence of Beijing. There is an interview for the professional title and salary etc.

2.   Required Materials

The required electronic materials for candidates are as follows:

1)   CV (including basic personal information, academic/work experience, research fields and planning, etc.);

2)   The detailed abstract of PhD thesis or postdoctoral outbound report;

3)   Representative research achievements and a list of published papers;

4)   Other related materials which the candidate deems necessary.

3.   Contact Information

Contact: Professor Cao Chunxiang

Tel./Fax: 010-64836205

E-mail: cao413@irsa.ac.cn

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