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Regulations for Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists
Update time: 2009/09/15
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I. General Provisions

Article 1

These regulations are made in accordance with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) “Package Program for Talent Training & Recruitment” and “Guidelines of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the Implementation of the Program for attracting Overseas Scientists and Experts and Cultivating Talent through International Exchange”, to guide the implementation of the “CAS Visiting Professorships for Senior International Scientists” (hereinafter referred to as the “Visiting Professorships Program”).

Article 2

The aim of the Visiting Professorships Program is to enhance the science & technology innovation capacity of CAS institutes by inviting accomplished researchers from overseas to participate in research in CAS with the hope of strengthening the cooperation and exchange between CAS institutes and international research institutions and universities.

Article 3

The Visiting ProfessorshipsProgram is for international scientists either currently or previously working in well-known universities, research institutes or multi-national corporations, who wish to develop an effective long-term collaborative relationship with the CAS. These scientists should have the same or similar research interests as their CAS collaborators.

Article 4

The Visiting Professorships Program provides for visits of 2-12 months duration. Funding covers the personal expenses of the visiting international scientists (see Article 17). Such visits may be extended by agreement (see Article 24).


II. Management of the Program

Article 5

The CAS Steering Committee on Talent Training and Recruitment is responsible for the supervision and coordination of the management of the Visiting Professorships Program.

Article 6

The Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, is responsible for publicity, calls for applications, the organization of assessments and reviews of applications, and the submission of recommendations for final approval, in consultation and cooperation with other relevant CAS bureaus.

Article 7

CAS host institutes are responsible for the detailed management of each visit, including employing and managing the visiting scientist under the host institute’s regular employment and management procedures, the signing of an employment contract, and the provision of working facilities and support services such as assistance with visa applications, local accommodation, and medical insurance.


III. Application Procedure

Article 8

There are two application routes for the Visiting Professorships Program. Applications may be submitted by a CAS host institute or by a designated international partner institution of the CAS.

1.  Applications from host institutions: a host institute may submit applications taking into account its  needs and capacity and the level of its cooperation and communication with a given candidate.

2. Applications from foreign partner institutions: CAS will invite key international partner institutions to nominate potential visitors.

Article 9

Applicationsfrom CAS institutes and international partner institutions are to be submitted to the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, during two specific periods each year. The first round of applications is from March 1-15 and the second from September 1-15.

Article 10

CAS institutes are required to provide four copies of their application, two in English and two in Chinese, while international partner institutions are required to submit two copies of their application in English. All applications are to be submitted to the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS.

Article 11

Candidatesfor the Visiting Professorships Program must meet the following criteria:

1. Citizenship of a nation that has formal diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.

2.  Hold a PhD degree, with academic standing as a Professor, Associate Professor or equivalent.

3. Good communication skills in English or Chinese, able to communicate independently in their  place of work.

4. Commitment to abide by the laws of the People’s Republic of China and the relevant regulations of CAS and the host institute.

Article 12

The collaborator within the host institute, preferably holding a PhD degree, should hold a senior research position, and be engaged in a major research program. He or she should have the capacity and working facilities to effectively conduct cooperative research with the visitor.


IV. Selection Procedure

Article 13

Selection procedures will take place twice annually, in March and September. The Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, will coordinate this work in consultation and cooperation with other relevant CAS bureaus. Review and assessment of applications will be carried out using standard peer-review procedures and by consultation with panels of experts.

Article 14

The following factors will be given primary consideration in the assessment and review of applications:

·  The candidate’s research experience, past performance, and recent progress.

·  The originality, scientific significance and potential of the proposed research work with CAS.

·  The existing degree of collaboration between the candidate and the host institute, the likelihood that the visit will lead to further collaboration, and the likely impact of the visitor’s research on the work of the host institute.

·    The capacity of the host institute to provide suitable research projects and working facilities, including supporting services.

Article 15

Selection procedures will involve both scientific and administrative experts in related fields. Peer-review should involve at least three experts from the same field. Review consultations are to be organized by the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, in conjunction with other relevant CAS bureaus. These consultations will normally require a panel of 9-11 experts, with approval of an application requiring the agreement of over 50 percent of the panel.

Article 16

Results from the selection process will be submitted to the CAS Steering Committee on Talent Training and Recruitment for final approval.


V. Implementation of the Program

Article 17

CAS will provide each recipient with a grant to cover the recipient’s salary, daily living allowance, and health insurance, from 400,000 to 500,000 RMB (pre-tax) per year, the exact amount being determined according to the length of the visit and the academic level of the visitor.

A recipient who is currently a professor or equivalent, including any who have received a world-class award such as a Nobel prize or equivalent, will receive up to 500,000 RMB a year. A recipient of lower academic standing such as an associate professor or equivalent will receive up to 400,000 RMB a year.

CAS will also provide a round-trip (economy-class) international airfare between the airport located nearest to the visitor’s home and that nearest to the host institute.

Article 18

Funds will be made available in a timely manner for visits that are conducted according to agreed schedules.

Article 19

Each recipient will sign a contract with the host institute at the onset of their Professorship, agreeing to perform duties and tasks according to the terms of the contract, and agreeing to submit a summary report following completion of the Professorship.

Article 20

A CAS Visiting Professorship certificate will be presented to each recipient by their host institute on behalf of CAS.

Article 21

Intellectual property rights such as patents resulting from this Program shall belong to the host institute if not otherwise specified in a pre-agreed contract. All other research achievements such as publications and books shall be clearly marked with the following acknowledgement: SUPPORTED BY THE CHINESE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES VISITING PROFESSORSHIPS FOR SENIOR INTERNATIONAL SCIENTISTS. Grant Number: xxx.

Article 22

Changes may be made to the timing of a visit:

1.   The timing of any visits that cannot be conducted according to the agreed schedule can be adjusted within the same year without requiring additional approval.

2.  Additional approval is required for any visits that are not implemented in the specified year.

3.  Any visits that are not implemented in the specified year or in the extended period will be regarded as null and void. If the host institute and the international visitor wish to undertake the visit at a later date, a new application must be submitted for approval.

Article 23

The host institute is required to prepare a report in collaboration with the visitor on completion of each visit, and to submit the report to the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS.

Article 24

A visitor that has successfully completed the said visit and wishes to seek extended support may apply for an extension through their host institute. The application should be submitted to the Bureau of International Cooperation, CAS, at least two months prior to the completion of each visit.


VI.Supplementary Points

Article 25

The Bureau of International Cooperation and the Bureau of Personnel & Education, CAS, are responsible for the interpretation of these regulations.


Application Form

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