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Disaster and emergency remote sensing laboratory
Update time: 2009/09/16
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Extensive researches are carried out on the theory, technological methodology of Early Warning, Monitoring, Assessment, and Emergency Response of natural disasters and environmental hazards in global or regional levels by using RS and GIS techniques. Our division has exerted great efforts for excogitating comprehensive monitoring and evaluation index system and establishing integrated “RS,GIS and GPS” application system on natural disasters and environmental hazards, which have acted as nation-oriented service base of remote sensing science and information on environment and natural disasters, and have substantially given support to the government for decision-making in disaster reduction and sustainable development.

With the implementation of Knowledge Innovation Project of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 863 Hi-tech Program, advanced technology in disaster monitoring and early warning of satellite remote sensing are widely used in the fields on flood events, fire events, drought, water quality, snow disaster, desertification, sand storm, earthquake, red tide, insect plague etc.


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