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Remote sensing image processing laboratory
Update time: 2009/09/16
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The lab mainly focuses on the techniques of image processing, intelligent information extracting, information mining and large software platform for huge remote sensing data, in order to support the development of processing system for remote sensing imagery and its industrialization. In recent years, we have undertaken quite a few projects in both scientific and engineering researches, with significant achievements accumulated. Since 2005, two patents and five software copyright registration certificates have been obtained totally.

Research Fields and Goal:

l     Study universal image processing techniques of remote sensing;

l     Develop dedicated system, software product, ground system closely related to universal technology;

l     Promote the development of the key laboratory, the certification center and the engineering center on different levels and directions.

l     Convert scientific achievements to productive technology. 



l     We will form a group composed of professors, Ph. D., and senior post graduates, and then strengthen the research of core technology to firm the foundation of the sustainable development. The main interested fields include: data compression, image restoration (matching and correction, restoration and denoising), pattern recognition, etc. To enrich our team, it is imperative to effectively reinforce international cooperation, train talent domestically and recruit famous ones abroad.

l     Also, we will pursue applications and resources from the government and other civil channels, build strategic alliance with targeted customers, and implement the core technology on the projects. Besides, to cater the market demand, we shall develop commercial products based on the core technology, which would ensure the sustainable development. These two steps should achieve the goal that is converting scientific achievements to productive technology.

l     Finally, we will redouble the management and construction of information, seize the market orientation actively, discover the tendency of technique positively, and give directions for technology, project and product.

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